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Government Aid Means Government Control: Think Christian Colleges are different?

Christianity Today (CT) has posted an article about increasing government intrusion into higher education. The Federal Department of Education aims to impose new regulations that, as CT says, “could provide a back-door threat to the ability of Christian colleges to control curriculum, admissions, and hiring standards.” In other words, the government will force Christian Colleges and relevant seminaries to teach what the government wants, admit whom the government wants, and hire as professors whom the government says.

Imagine at Christian College being sued and required to hire a lesbian sociology professor to teach tolerance of homosexuality, and forced to allow homosexuals, feminists, and atheists to their Christian Education programs.

Of course, there is a way to prevent ALL of this from happening in ANY Christian school, even if the new regulations do go into effect. How?

Simple: quit accepting government aid for student loans, grants, etc. Why Christians schools ever bought into this trap to begin with defies everything holy. The State should not be involved in education; and when we foolishly accept the State’s dollar, don’t be surprised when the State starts running the show. He who pays the piper….

Sadly, nowhere in its two page article does CT even address this part of the topic. To them, the State is merely overstepping its bounds. But they don’t even mention the State-funding angle: Caesar image is on the tuition payment; he is merely coming to claim what is his.

It’s one reason the influence of Christianity has so waned in society: the liberals and statists designed the “land grant” State University system consciously as a secular competition to Christian education. Then they designed a “hook” by which to snag control of Christian colleges and seminaries: federal loan and federal aid programs.

In order to “qualify” for federal aid, schools have to meet federal regulations, and receive “third party” accreditation. Of course, they never discuss the question, “Who accredits the accreditors?” Accreditation has been from day one an avenue by which to exercise control over school curricula and professors. But, if you want your students to be able to use federal loans and federal aid in order to pay tuition at your school, you MUST have accreditation by the accrediting goons.

CT reports,

As Hank Brown, former president of the University of Colorado, and Bill Armstrong, president of Colorado Christian University, wrote in a recent op-ed in The Denver Post, “Who can doubt that various interest groups will soon begin to clamor for ideas to be mandated by law as requirements for college classrooms?”

Right on Hank. So why take the money? If you refuse to accept federal aid to begin with, they can have no jurisdiction or influence over you without absolute tyranny. So why take the carrot?

Christians live in oblivion to the power government exercises over education, not simply because it is the government, but because we accept its bribes. The view of aTennessee Senator in this matter is almost laughable:

Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee expressed concern that “increase[d] state government supervision” would reduce the “independence and autonomy” that undergird the strength of the U.S. education system.

What Alice-in-wonderland has he been living in? No school–primary, secondary, or higher–in this country that is accredited and receives federal aid has anything near “independence and autonomy.” If they take State money, they are tied by State strings, period.

The Christian student need to be more savvy than CT and its oblivious, state-loving audience. Bill Anderson at has commented wisely on this in a blog post. He writes,

Unfortunately, I think that people are going to draw the wrong conclusion: they will claim that this is yet another example of the “Godless Democrats/Obamaites” attacking evangelical Christianity. While I have no doubt that lots of Democrats would love to launch a full frontal attack on Christian organizations, nonetheless there is a much bigger issue here: This is what happens when these colleges accept government aid for students.

Grove City College more than 20 years ago lost a case on federal control, but hardly any Christian colleges followed GCC’s example of getting out of the federal money business altogether. This means that places like Wheaton College, Covenant College, and others are going to have to face head-on the federal train that has been barreling down the tracks at them for years. However, leaders of these colleges ignored the obvious or claimed that the government never would try to do this.

The Christian student needs to be avoid using federal aid themselves, and if possible, go to a school that refuses to accept it. This will be difficult to find, but not impossible. And if schools wish to preserve their “autonomy and independence” for real, they should stop accepting aid and stop prostituting themselves out the secular accrediting organizations.

24 comments to Government Aid Means Government Control: Think Christian Colleges are different?

  • George Colby

    Right on Right on Right on Right on

  • Ben

    Christian colleges ALREADY compromise themselves to get commendation and coin from secularized theological elites, and they aren’t subtle.

    The real problem is Christian parents fostering adolescent naivity into the late teens and then putting halffast efforts into discerning the Christ, spirit and gospel of the institutions they hire in loco parentis, funding the enemy at their child’s expense. It’s an ugly example pearls before swine. This article has nothing new for me.

  • Cherry Talsma

    Excellent article. Our best private/Christian college has been teaching borderline Marxism for years. Their profs also attend churches where they continue to indoctrinate our kids.

    Would love to post this on my facebook page. Is that possible?
    I don’t see a way to do it.

  • Caroll

    Hillsdale College is one institution,in Minnesota,that does not accept Federal or state funds. Therefore they are able to control the curricula and hiring. They offer a newsletter free of charge to the public called “Imprimis.” It promotes the conservative ideology on which our country was founded.It features Excerpts from lectures given at the college and on learning cruises as well as others. In September, Amity Shlaes was featured. She authored the book: “The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression.” Imprimis is an excellent publication which I would recommend to everyone.

    The Hillsdale Honor Code:
    “A Hillsdale College student is honorable in conduct, honest in word and deed, dutiful in study and service, and respectful of the rights of others. through education the student rises to self-government.”

    Isn’t that what America is all about? Hillsdale College is educating tomorrows leaders.

  • Obvious

    What about churches towing-the-line for their 501c3 ?
    Same thing.

  • TheEye

    When religion or Christian ideals enter the state (govt) then its the cry of “separation of church and state”. When the state enters the Christian venues, the silence is deafening. Any other dualism you can think of when it comes to liberals??????

  • Anonymous

    One problem in society is a lack of understanding that being gay is not a choice. Just as a child is born black, chinese, or with Down’s syndrome or cerebral palsey, a child is born gay or straight without making any choice. One can choose to have sex or not, but one cannot choose who is attractive to him or her. The gay people I have met are wonderful, kind, and generous people who help others. Churches are to love people and help them live like Jesus. Hate should not be a part of the church.

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  • lja

    So why is it we all think vouchers are so wonderful? The writing is on the wall…

  • Laura Hall

    The cost of tuition has been rising acutely for the past three decades. This is due to the availability of government grants. Now it is the gov’t that decides, through the FAFSA application, what every student will pay for attending university. Fifty years ago, a poor student could afford to work his way through college. This is now an impossibility. And tell me, with all the gov’t “help”, why do students now graduate with mountains of debt, when before gov’t stepped in, this was unheard of?
    It makes sense that schools of higher learning could benefit greatly from discarding the shackles of “federal aid”, but can it be done? Also, there would need to be created a new, independent accreditation process, to protect against fraud.

  • Greg

    Not accepting government money sounds well and good, but it also might mean that many Christian colleges go out of business. If students can’t use financial aid many will be unable to attend and enrollment will go down. With decreased enrollment, comes fewer dollars to pay for expenses and quality professors. I doubt if many colleges can afford that. Certainly it will be nearly impossible to compete with public universities which get $millions in government funds. Maybe this is by design and government’s way of getting rid of Christian colleges.

  • lisa

    When will conservatives stop giving to their alma mater’s; no matter how much fun they had in their frat parties! They are contributing to the very ideology that seeks to unravel our nation. I would like to start a campaign to STOP the life blood $$, of these bastions of liberalism.
    I wish there had been a list in this article, of the few colleges, i.e. Patrick Henry College, that are not accepting gov’t monies.
    Very good post! Thank you!

  • Cliff Cusick

    This is precisely why Brigham Young University, the low life Mormons, as most of you pious people call them, has never taken 1 penny of government handouts. The Mormons take care of their own. When the student is ready to attend his 1st year, they encourage them to pay for their 1st year, avoid government loans. it is just a trap of the devil.

  • Anonymous

    All things work together for good to them that love the Lord.

  • shirley richards

    Hillsdale college learned years ago that no money from the Feds would every come to that college. Perhaps we need to contact our christina collegeage and give them a copy of your report. Or better yet you send them one.

  • Janet

    Patrick Henry College, Purcellville, VA does not take state money.
    Nor does Louisiana Baptist University.

  • Earl

    Hillsdale College is one of those great colleges that does not accept federal money.

  • Barb Duffy

    Great article. So…what Christian colleges DON’T accept federal money? Has anyone done the research?

  • Hillsdale College in Michigan wisely accepts no government money – never has.

    Another thing to beware — churches incorporating — and becoming part of the State.

  • Todd Leupold


    You write: “I have also found a major international university that will flex some of its doctoral programs to work as “distance” education, though they can’t legally call them that. Due to currency exchange rates, and with some dedication, I can finish a legitimate Ph.D. in Theology in two years and well under $3,000.”

    Could you please provide more information about this for me? Thank you!

  • Only a handful of Christian colleges don’t take government money on principle. My institution, New Saint Andrews has refused to participate in the federal financial “aid” game from its founding, and we’ve still be able to keep tuition at about one-third to half the average private or Christian college tuition (we’re currently under $10k for a year’s tuition). Check us out at I also publish a blog,, that addresses many of these issues affecting Christian higher ed.
    Roy Atwood, Ph.D.
    President, New Saint Andrews College

  • Sorry, missed the “en” ending to “be”[en] in the previous post. My apologies.


  • Anne

    Right! I went to BYU, which has refused government aid in order to remain independent, so it won’t be forced to “comply” with things like co-ed housing and things with which a Christian would not agree. This is very important. But this new trick of government leaders, where even the student who has a difficult time paying for college gets loans/grants from the government, calling that now government aid to the college? Oh, the scum of the earth in our government! This is wrong, wrong, wrong!

  • Caycah

    Grove City College in Grove City, PA does not take any federal funding (at least they didn’t six years ago).

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